Fly and when you open your beautiful wings
shelter my body
from the heat
that falls over it.

and carry me on your open wings,
carry me
away from this depressed land
that sends me raging.
and take me with you.

and take me to your nesting place
atop those green mountains
where I will find peace
where I will be happy.
and take me away with you.

and take me on your wings
above those beautiful white clouds
to a place of sanity
a place of peace.
Fly and take me where you will.
Carry me with you.

Take me away
where I won't be lonely and drpressed
for I'll find you there
to help me along.

Come, open your wings
carry me
take me away
for I want to be free.
Free from the shackles,
free from the ills of society,
free from the problems that confront me
on this Land.
Carry me away.
When She Cries

When she cries
The earth trembles
For it feels the pain
That one who resembles life itself
For when she cries
The early morning flower
Weeps with her.
The cool soothing breeze ceases.

For when she cries
Life cries. Life cries
For it can't bear the pain
When she cries.

Because when she cries
The sky cries with her
And the rain falls over her
Beautiful body
And tries to hide her tears
When she cries.
The Royal Palm

By the busy  village roadside
The royal palm stood alone
Tall, leafless and branchless
Seen but yet still quite unknown.

In years alas gone by
It was the pillar of admiration
Swaying as it was photographed
By visitors from many a nation.

But all beauty faded away
And it became dull and old
Standing out there alone
First scorched, then wet and cold.

No one regarded it then
No one even noticed
Only a poet remembered
As the royal palm slowly died.

Its fruits we no longer gather
Nor do the high-flying birds nestle
Life goes on no further
It has ceased without a rustle.

For a few years more
The strong skeleton stood
Till destruction came its way
Sadly cut for use as firewood.

Today, all that's left
Is a rotting hollow stump
The only remebrance
Of a giant Royal Palm.
A Walk Among Strangers

Yesterday,I walked among strangers
And no one uttered a word.
Yesterday, I walked among strangers
Each seemingly in a world of his own.

Yesterday, I walked among strangers
And no one noticed me
As each rattled on, lost somewhere
A stranger of his own being, on acrowded street.

Yesterday, I smiled at strangers
And no one smiled back
Faces taut, cold and expressionless
Filled with fear of what lies unknown.

Yesterday, I walked the city streets
Bustling and alive with people
Each with a set mid, a set agenda
Each with some pressing deadline to meet.

Yesterday, I walked alone with strangers
People of every nation
In a bustling, crowded and jam-packed city
A city of such fame, fortune and renown.

Today, I took a walk alone
Along, a lonely, empty street
And I felt peace with myself today.
I smiled along with the silence and empty street.