Island Poetry is poetry that tells of life in the Caribbean. It is poetry with music, romance and a culture
    of it's own.
    I am from the island of DOMINICA, more commonly referred to as the Nature Isle of the Caribbean. I
    grew up in St. Joseph and at  the Hillsborough  Agricultural Station, commonly known as Cocoa Center,
    where I was in close touch with birds, greenery, water, flowers, them...I saw them growing
    up as a child. I attended the St. Joseph Government School and then the Saint Mary's Academy and
    finally Sifocol. In my spare time I wrote, played sports, painted and participated in community activities in
    Senjo. Then I moved to the US. Today I am married, a father of two, live in  New Jersey and work in New
    York...I still continue to write and for all what it's worth..I still enjoy doing it.

    The Island Man Sings His  Song is my third collection of poems. In 1978 I published  The Dawn and in
    1981 Words in The Quiet Moments. I started writing during my second year at The Saint Mary's
    Academy, (Catholic High School for boys) making  contributions to the schools newspaper The Marian
    Messenger.That opened the door for me as I soon became a regular contributor to the weekly
    newspaper, The  Star and to the local radio station's Saturday Night Local Talent Program.
    At The Star I was able to meet with Mrs Phyllis Shand-Allfrey-famous Dominican writer and politician-
    who was the paper's editor. She helped me in those early years to expose my stuff to the Dominican
    public as well as giving me some valuable pointers.

    Besides Mrs Allfrey there were others like Alwin Bully, my English teacher at Sifocol and Marcel D'jamala
    Fountaine, (now deceased) a fellow classmate at The SMA, who introduced me to  radio personnel at
    the local radio station DBS Radio. The relationships with these people gave me the belief that I had
    something that I could contribute to Dominica's literary development and I hope that I have been able to
    do so over the years and will get the opportunity to continue doing so..

    Let me welcome you then to ISLAND POETRY and to my third book of poetry, The Island Man Sings
    His  Song,  published by Inc. The book is available from my family in Dominica and on
    the web  from and If you are in the Toronto area I have a contact from
    whom you could get copies. If you want a personally autographed copy, I have copies available for sale.
    You can email me for cost and mailing details and how to get in touch with the contact in Toronto.I
    cannot tell you what you should expect.I will leave that up to you. I will not try to evaluate or rate what I
    wrote but I will leave it up to you..Drop me a line and let me know what you think..

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing some time with me.  My only hope is that you will enjoy my work and
    become a regular visitor to my site or introduce your friends to it.
I would  like get copies of The Island Man Sings His Song and Mesye Kwik! Kwak
sold in the Caribbean, Canada or the US, especially in the Dominican communities.
If  you'd like to help me out, drop me a line and let me know.
I'd greatly appreciate  it.
When She Cries
I Saw Her
The Dawn
Let Freedom Ring
Artwork from my published books
The Dawn-1978
Artist: Paul Toulon
Sea of Disillusionment
Words In The Quiet Moments
Artist: Ronald "Baba" Deschamps
My first book--Published  in
Dominica in 1978
My second book-- Published  
in Dominica in 1981
  My third book--Published  in the
United Statesin 2005