Poems in Phase Two are poems that I have written since the publication of  "The Island Man Sings His
    Song."  Hopefully I will continue to add more poems to the pages as time rolls along. This section is dedicated
    to my two children, Mandy and Jamal, who are my greatest form of inspiration. My pride and joy.

Morning breaks softly and slowly now
As the sun through the cloud meekly peeks
Nothing at all seems to move about
Up here in this warm and quiet hut.
Inside there is peace and calm and solitude
Like it's been these past few weeks
Save for the wood fire that slowly burns
And the water boiling in the pot.
And I look out yonder
Towards the long and narrow creek
Just below the green, sloping hillock and
Over to where the old, rusting water mill,
Now hidden by the bushes, once churned.
Yet nothing stirs. I hear no one speak.
Even the wind is quiet today as life,
For a while, seems to be at a standstill.

I saw you last night
Under the silvery moonlight
My arms around you
Whispering softly in your ears
Calming your fears.
You sobbed softly
As insects hissed nearby and
I wiped away your tears.

I held you lovingly
As the moon moved silently
Across the starry night
And an owl hooted on high
Among the branches.
I felt your throbbing heart
As your chest heaved
With every measured painful sigh.

I kissed you softly
Enjoying every single moment
Under the twinkling stars
As we clung unto each other
Too scared to let go.
We said nothing for a while
But stood silent in the night
Allowing our minds to wonder.

But you're gone today
I see not one trace of you.
I keep yearning to hold you
But you just can't be found.
I stretch out my arms
But no one embraces me.
The moon no longer shines
For you no longer come around.

I was only dreaming
Dreaming of the moments
We shared beneath the branches
Of the giant palmiste tree
Or as the moon glistened
On the water while we strolled
Along the sandy shore
Of the silvery Caribbean Sea

Yea I was only dreaming
I wish I still was asleep
For it pains to lose you
It pains so much to see you go.
Yet I still hear the words
You whispered when we parted
I still taste the tears you shed
Beneath the soft moonlight glow.

Morning breaks slowly and softly now
As the sun through the clouds, meekly
Nothing at all seems to move about now
Down here near the warm and quiet hut.
Inside there is but peace and calm and
Silence, save for the fire that slowly burns.
And I look out yonder towards the creek
Just below the green, sloping hillock and
Over to where the noisy water mill, now
Hidden by trees and shrubs, once
Nothing stirs. Even the wind is quiet

With harsh tones
Of water color
She paints her life
Punctuated here and there
With sloppy dabs
And loose carefree strokes
Over the stretched canvas of her life.

Against a backdrop
Of pain and fear and hurt
She tells her story
A story that soils the colors
Once pure, fresh and vibrant
But now chapped and peeling
From the discolored canvas of her life.

Once a beautiful picture
Now cracked and fading
As she struggles daily..
A single mom she is..
Deceived, sad, lonely and hurt
Yearning to add brighter colors
To the fading portait of her life.

Not long ago
She painted a picture
A picture of her life
With soft, soothing hues
Drawn from delicate, soft strokes
Each detail clearly eteched
Upon the canvas of her life.

But it's raining now
And the colors on the pictures..
Chapters of her life..
Streak down slowly
In crooked lines
As the raindrops wash away
The faded colors of her life.