*Mesye Kwik!Kwak!*
When I grew up in Senjo I remember that many of us would gather under my grandmother's breadfruit
tree or on her front step on Back Street. One of us would tell a story and we would always begin." Mesye
Kwik!Kwak!". and continue with the familiar phrase..."Un jour ils..." ( One day there was...) I still cherish
these days and these local terms. I cherish the island's rich heritage. This is a synopsis of the stories in
the collection that I have just published.
The Stone: The story of a young boy scared to face the zombie that is waiting for him on the big stone. He
has left school late and is walking home alone to the estate where his family lives. On the way he finds himself facing
another challenge...a thunderstorm.
Converted... When John finds himself being asked to be his best friend's baby's godfather at the baptism
which would be held the next day, he did not think twice. However when he found himself face to face  with Fr.
Windenburg he wished he had.
Kevin believed that he could do something positive for his impoverished village as a member of Parliament. He
took his win in his first attempt forgranted and now he faced the music as the hands of the clock wound down to
The Final Hour.
The Pilgrim... Jason was excited as he sat among the other parishoners making their way to La Plaine in the
early morning hours while almost everyone else was still fast asleep. Little did he know that his excitement would turn
to what it did at the end of the trip.
A Father's Hope. In the small agricultural village many fathers hoped that their sons would follow in their
footsteps and work the land. That was not what Michael had envisioned after years at High School. He wanted
something better and that caused friction between he and his father.
Trouble In the Channel... Cassandra had warned her husband against leaving for Guadeloupe in
the small boat that he and his friend had built but he was sure that there would be no problem navigating the waters
in the channel. He had done this trip before and nothing would stop him. So he thought.
The Street... When the blood started flowing from the cut in his foot Henry rushed home to his mother. That
would start a whole new chapter that he did not really care about; but it was very important to his mother.
Three Young Friends... Christmas was approaching and as they sat together and watched the sun
set below the Caribbean Sea, the three young boys hatched their plans for Christmas after a day of romping.

Hurricane... Everyone believed that the mountais would tame any hurricane that dared venture over the
island but before it was over everyone had a different opinion.. David was  a Goliath!!
A Thief In The Night... Teacher Philip could not understand why anyone would steal his chickens. He
wished no one harm but he wanted revenge. He found some help from his friend Pasco.
A Life Wasted... James lay dead on  the streets-a sheet over his body. A life destroyed by drugs had
come to a sad end as the rain fell over his lifeless body.
Grandpa Was In America... Many years ago he left his small village and travelled to the United
States to join his wife. He had returned alone, and as he sat and watched the television in his daughters living room,
his grandson quizzed him on those days in the US.
"Is true you was in 'Amewica Gran'pa?" he asked him.
A Trip To Barbados...A young man is heading to Barbados to get his passport and visa from the US
Embassy which would allow him to vist the United States.. He is on a trip to nowhere really...but he has no choice.
Read his story.